Barry has navigated his way through the financial crises, his staying power and resourcefulness have kept him moving forward. The fundamental ‘skills set’ required for success remains crucial, while worldwide de-leveraging punishes and exposes those who lack these skills.

Recently the sustained competition for the ‘same core building’ in the ‘same core markets’ means the strongest returns will predominantly lie outside the most liquid markets. The much heralded capitulations have rarely occurred for ‘safe’ investors to take advantage of, as banks and agencies are carefully protecting their positions. The price paid for ‘safe’ and ‘liquid’ assets has increased for reasons often not to do with improving prospects for the particular asset. When acquisition and holding costs are stripped out, the returns will likely be disappointing. Entrepreneurial investors who methodically take a medium to long-term approach are better experienced and disciplined to take advantage of the cyclical nature of markets. They are acquiring, and exiting, earlier in the cycle than the majority. They are creating and unlocking value. They have advanced property investing skills.

Barry’s approach and track record is high performance and individualist with above average results.

We use land banking as a strategy for wealth accumulation; this strategy has been used by generations of wealthy people.

We gain advantage through understanding

We engage with local, national and international development authorities and agencies to work within their stated and unstated objectives and goals.

Applying tried and tested techniques, thoughtful analysis, and tapping into our wide network of professional contacts and resources, we gain advantage through understanding.

We take action

Managing risks and increasing returns is the objective. We select land and buildings, new and old, in the path of developing regions, prominent cities, towns and urban settlements, where the trends point towards continued growth.

We devise and execute development strategies to create and unlock tangible value