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Irish Roots - International Vision.

Two decades since graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from University College, Dublin, Barry Leddy is now a successful international construction developer.

Commencing his career at Irish Nationwide Building Society, he trained in their residential and commercial mortgage department at the old head office on Camden Street, Dublin. During this time, he gained valuable experience in dealing with new and existing lending, while also completing professional examinations to become a member of The Institute of Bankers in Ireland.

The self-directed entrepreneurial spirit goes back a long way in the Leddy family. Barry’s father Michael’s long career in property began where the best ideas often do - at home! Having successfully constructed a new home for his own family when he was only 19, Michael went on to spend the next 50 years building homes for generations of Irish families.

In 1994, Barry left Irish Nationwide Building Society to co-found Lyngrove Developments with his brother Glen. Under their direction, this house-building company quickly rose from modest beginnings to tackling increasingly larger and more successful projects. From crucial affordable schemes for first-time buyers, to high end developments in upmarket locations, Barry has helped to deliver some of Dublin’s most popular and successful apartment and townhouse schemes.

Building on these successes, and sensing the overheating of the Irish property market, Barry successfully completed the timely sale of his Irish land-bank by 2007 and diversified to projects outside of Ireland. Adapting to different environments, he translates his strategies into carefully selected international property markets, where trends point to continued growth.

Barry Leddy’s track record is high performance and individualist, with above average results.

The Developing Scenario.

Local, national and international development authorities and agencies are constantly engaged in addressing the developing challenges facing metropolis, prominent cities, towns and urban settlements around the world. Scaling up informal settlement upgrading, increasing the functionality of housing and land markets and anticipating the next wave of urban population are among the most urgent of these challenges.

In the course of this engagement, there has been an evolution in the tools of inquiry, the modalities of participation and partnership, and the understanding of the effects of various policies and interventions.

The market for property investments is undergoing a shift. Investor and occupier needs have changed in the wake of the world debt crisis, while lawmakers are changing the rules of the game.

Barry has navigated his way through the financial crises staying afloat. Self-reliant, his staying power and resourcefulness have kept him moving forward. As ever, the fundamental ‘skills set’ required in property investment remains unchanged. In fact, skills have grown even more crucial in achieving success, as worldwide de-leveraging punishes the widespread ‘blind’ speculating which previously prospered.